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Children and stress come hand in hand, whether it’s worrying about what they’re doing, what they’re eating or where they are(!), it’s inevitable, but what they’re eating off should not be one of those worries. Mealtimes are times for the family, a time for laughter and catching up, so stress and worry is the last thing you want. With our bamboo baby plates this is exactly what mealtimes can be… finally! 

We know you've got a lot to do, but take 5 minutes to read this and catch the boldened key words, telling you all the information you need to know!

What are the benefits of bamboo baby plates?

There are many advantages to using bamboo baby plates, from your Tiny Diner’s health, safety, and enjoyment to your ease of use and even the environmental impact bamboo has.

Their Health 

There’s always so much to think about, so much being talked about and so many things you’re told you should do to be a ‘good parent’, but the only one precious thing that matters is their health. Bamboo baby plates are all the rage recently because of their proven benefits.

To begin with, bamboo baby plates are non-toxic, meaning there is no BPA or phthalates, or any long and confusingly named toxins that are detrimental to health, like in many plastic plates.

As a matter of fact, bamboo is grown naturally, without pesticides or insecticides, so all those possible risks of BPA that live to haunt you, from thyroid hormone disruption, to asthma, to impacts on the immune system… you can forget them all.

Our bamboo baby plates are perfectly safe for Tiny Diners, so they can keep being their cheerful little selves and you can have one less nightmare. 

Bamboo Baby Plates

The Environment 

From 2020, throughout the pandemic and into 2021, knowledge about, awareness of and care for the environment has seen a huge increase across all demographics, so bamboo baby plates are another way you can show your knowledge, awareness and care.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth- growing to full size within 3 to 4 months! Without the use of pesticides and insecticides, bamboo is cultivated naturally and sustainably, which means that your bamboo baby plates are biodegradable and won’t just sit in a land-fill site for years on end.

Also, these plants actually absorb twice as much CO2 as other trees, as well as creating up to 30% more oxygen- how is it only in recent times we’ve found out about this!

If that isn’t enough… bamboo protects many endangered species, yes, I’m talking about those cute and fluffy-looking pandas. Bamboo plants provide homes and food for many animals, which without, would almost certainly go extinct. So, bring a little animal magic to your mealtime.

Bamboo Baby Plates

Mealtime Fun 

Material Benefits Our bamboo baby plates are perfectly suited to babies, toddlers and children because we know the strength those little ones can have- and it’s impressive!

Bamboo is 3x stronger than timber, a high-quality material that is extremely durable, but light and transportable. Yes, this means when they decide to frisbee their bamboo plate across the room, it will not shatter across the floor leaving a dangerous mess- well it may spray food across your four walls but nothing that could hurt them.

The durability also stops any odours lingering or stains developing so you don’t have to worry about that, nonetheless, wiping the plate over as soon as possible after use is always recommended. The fact they are light and transportable mean it’s easy to pack away, to take out for a summer picnic or take to a friend’s- anywhere you go bamboo baby plates can.

Suction Cups One way to ensure your little one doesn’t become a javelinist during mealtime is with the suction cups, which come in various colours. They stick the bamboo plate tightly to the table or highchair, making it extremely difficult for even the strongest of little ones to remove. This also means their plate won’t slide around the surface when they’re trying to pick up food or if they would just rather try and play with it!  

bamboo baby plates

Top Tip One of the most important things to know is that although we don’t recommend putting your bamboo plates in the microwave or dishwasher, the heat and water will not give way to leaching chemicals- simply heat the food in a microwave safe dish first and then transition it over, this will help the food to cool as well.

Fun designs We have a variety of bamboo baby plates in different shapes and styles, so there will be something perfect for the both of you. Do they go crazy for cars? Elephants? Triceratops? Unicorns? Or would a standard square be most beneficial to the Tiny Diner in question? Make your mealtime, whichever it may be, fun and educational, making them want to be sat and strapped into a highchair- which we all know causes havoc!

bamboo baby plates

Segmented Each bamboo baby plate is sectional, enabling you to compartmentalise their food, whether it be because your little one can’t stand their food touching or you want to measure how much of each food group they’re eating, compartmentalising has many benefits.

Firstly, it allows the little one to adapt to seeing multiple foods on their plate and trying them at the same time, as it’s thought the more foods and flavours they’re exposed to at a young age, the more it will benefit them (and you!) long-term. Also, this makes for some super fun designs to up your Instagram game!

Development Once they start using their fingers and are wanting to do things themselves, these bamboo baby plates are perfect because the sections enable them to scoop their food up easier and define their motor skills, without having food up the walls, on the floor and simply everywhere but in their mouths. 

bamboo baby plates

Parental Benefit 

Maintenance Now for the benefits you really want to know. Bamboo baby plates are easily maintained, stylish and eco-savvy. We recommend only handwashing these plates as the heat of a dishwasher and water submersion can weaken the resin that binds the bamboo together- but we all have our favourite cookware we only hand wash already, so one baby plate is no bother.

As long as you ensure it is fully dry before storing it away there is not much else you need to do, although, we would recommend a monthly once over with some beeswax or coconut oil. To do this, simply pour some oil onto a clean cloth, spread it over the plate and let it sit for a few hours before wiping it off with a dry cloth- easy.

The bamboo baby plates will naturally age and darken in colour over time, but this only adds to their beauty so don’t worry if yours starts to change.

Top Tip: There are a few natural cleaning ingredients you can use if you do incur an issue with staining or odour. Of course, the first one is lemon, because what can’t lemon juice fix! There is also baking soda and vinegar which can all be used with warm water to get your bamboo baby plate back to pristine condition.

bamboo baby plates set

The Conclusion of Bamboo Baby Plates 

We hope you enjoyed this blog and have learnt a few things about bamboo baby plates, hopefully feeling a lot more relaxed about what social media and the world is telling you you should be doing.

It is undeniable that bamboo baby plates are beneficial for your child’s health and mealtime enjoyment, as well as yours, and have a positive impact on the environment.

We also have bamboo bowls, cups and cutlery, so you can be fully kitted out!

So, revolutionise mealtimes in your household!

Thanks for reading,
From Poppy, and the Tiny Dining Team.