Tiny Dining

When we first founded Tiny Dining, it was with one very clear objective in mind: to make mealtimes a more enjoyable experience for both kids and parents alike!

In our collection you'll find an ever-expanding array of dining and tableware, scaled down to perfectly suit smaller hands and fingers. A choice of charming shapes and patterns - designed by our own mysterious order of Creative Wizards - are sure to spark the imagination of even the fussiest tiny diner, while the natural bamboo fibre construction provides a durable, planet-friendly alternative to plastic plates and bowls.

So far, so fun - but what good is a RAWR-some dinosaur plate if it's lying upside down in a pool of pasta carbonara on the kitchen floor? Well, fear not! Our innovative Suction collection pairs each plate and bowl with a brightly-coloured silicone cup that sticks like glue to highchair trays and tabletops - the perfect protection against flailing little limbs!

So that's it - our mealtime manifesto in a nutshell! If the above sounds like an answer to your parental prayers, then click the button below and see how you too can serve up some big fun to your hungry little humans!